About Us

I feel highly honored to welcome you to Dr. A shish paramedical collage (Nursing Training Centre) .It was established in 2010 with the valuable permission of Government of Uttar Pradesh and initiative of Dr. K. Singh (Eye Surgeon) and also the management committee of the institute. This institute was started under the banner of Late Raj Bahadur Singh Smarak Jan Kalyan Seva Sansthan.

Dr. Ashish Para Medical College (Nursing Training Center), Uma Nagar Deoria, is running by Late Rajbahdur Singh. Smarak Jankalyan Seva Sansthan , 187-Raghav Nagar Deoria Uttar Pradesh. The Institute is approved by Indian Nursing Council New Delhi and UP State Nursing Council Lucknow (UP). Our College code is 820 allowted by UP State Nursing council Lucknow. This institute is established in sep-2010. First Batch started in first academic year-2010-11. Chief Functionary Person is Dr. K Singh (Eye Surgen) and Incharge Deoria, Eye Bank and Deoria Eye Hospital & Research Center. 187 - Raghav Nagar Deoria. Raj Bahadur Singh Smarak Jankalyan Seva Sansthan has a Raj Optometry Training Center for Diploma in Optemertry Course.


Our Endeavour is to import knowledge and develop critical skills necessary to succeed both in professional and personal life by Promoting learning supported by world class faculty. Infrastructure, technology, curriculum and collaborative teaching and research with premier institutions in India and abroad.


Vision is most important special senses. In primary health care optometry is considered one of the most important professions. The optometrist serve the society by providing glass, resilens & Contact lens, Low Vision aid , Rehabilitative therapy. Developmental Vision Therepy, Electronphysiological diagnostic procedure, Screening & Management of Ocular Diseases. They have also important role along withother health care professional in the field of child development, Remedial reading education, Clinical Psychology & high way safety.